Use Google To Roll Dice For Your Favourite Tabletop RPG

Use Google To Roll Dice For Your Favourite Tabletop RPG
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If you ever find yourself without your dice bag, or you’re feeling lazy, don’t worry. You can make it through your Dungeons & Dragons game — or whatever you play — by using Google to roll all the dice you need. Yes, even those quirky dice that have many more sides than what regular people are used to seeing.

To get started, simply pull up Google on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Within the search bar, type in the kind of die you want to roll and the number Google should roll. As of when we published this article, you can pick from the following dice:

  • d4

  • d6

  • d8

  • d10

  • d12

  • d20

So if you wanted to roll for a decently powerful Magic Missile your character is blasting at an angry kobold, you’d type “5d4+5″ into Google.

When you do, you get a little dice-rolling animation on the Google results page that shows you the final count. You can then add extra dice (as needed), click any dice to clear out their rolls, or adjust your modifier if you made a typo. You can even re-roll over, and over, and over if you’re trying to fudge a particular result or, say, min/max your new character’s stats Baldur’s Gate-style.


The one downside of Google’s implementation is that you can’t combine dice in your initial search query. In other words, you can’t type “1d4+1d8″ to get a combined result for those two separate rolls. You’ll have to first search for a “1d4,” for example, and then click the d8 on the results page to add it in.

You’ll also have to get creative if you’re rolling dice that don’t appear on Google’s list — like a d100. In that case, you’ll want to search for “2d10″ and agree to use the first die as your tens digit and your second die as your ones digit. If you’ve been involved with role-playing games for any length of time, this should be familiar territory.



  • You can also google random number generator and use the google tool to put in min and max values. So you can “roll” d100 using min of 1 and max of 100. Or 3-18 or 27-42 or whatever combo you like.

    There are also a ton of dice-rolling apps on mobile. I use one called RPG Simple Dice on Android and it seems pretty good. No fancy animation, you can pick which type of dice from the typical D&D set (4,6,8,10,12,20,100) and how many you want to roll. It also has a “dice bag” which is essentially custom random rolls (eg: you could create an 11 sided dice). You can add a modifier (eg: roll d6 + 3) and it’s free and I haven’t seen any ads in it. Oh and it has a history so you can check out rolls later on if you need to double check.

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