It's The Allure Media 'Outcast' Video!

As regular readers may have noticed, our sites experienced a few glitches this week due to an internet monkey going bananas and throwing poop into one of our servers (probably). Rather than sit on their butts and twiddle their thumbs, the editors of Lifehacker, Gizmodo and Kotaku decided to live stream an "outcast" where they talked about everything from the pros and cons of standing desks to the best video game of the year. If you missed the original broadcast, you can watch the entire video below. [Warning: Contains occasional swearing and references to bodily fluids.]

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    Been using a standing desk ever since the article that came out a couple of years ago, have to say, I now cannot go back to sitting. My back no longer hurts, my legs feel stronger and in general I feel more awake...! :)

    I actually reported the database errors to you guys like 6 months ago lel. You can hire me at the rates listed in all of @anguskidmans latest salary articles - so.,. like.. $160k minimum. Seems fair?

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