Video Tape Locks Videos On The Page So You Can Watch As You Scroll

Chrome: Have you ever started watching a YouTube video embedded on a website and discovered that you can't watch it while you scroll around? Video Tape allows you to reposition the video and keep it locked to the window so you can watch it as you scroll.

Some videos you want to watch intently, but others you can occasionally glance at as you continue to scroll down the page. That's where Video Tape comes in: when you encounter one of these videos, just click the Video Tape icon in your address bar, and you'll get the option to move the video anywhere you want, locked to that part of the window. Then you can continue scrolling and the video will scroll with you.

It has an option to resize the video too, though it didn't work in our tests, so it might only work on certain pages or videos. Hit the link below to try it out.

Video Tape (free) [Chrome Web Store via WonderHowTo]


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