AWS Allows Import Of Predefined Linux Images

AWS Allows Import Of Predefined Linux Images

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has long let users deploy Linux images from its own collection. Now it is allowing the import of pre-defined virtual machine images for popular Linux distros, as well as the ability to export those images once in use.

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The feature initially supports 64-bit Linux images in Hyper-V (VHD), Citrix XEN (VHD) and VMware (ESX and VMDK) formats. Distributions that will work include Red Hat EL, Centos, Ubuntu and Debian. Importing those images creates an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) which can then be launched in EC2. Hit the announcement post for more details.

VM Import / Export for Linux [AWS Blog]


  • Why did you make me check the link? Is it really too much to ask for, that you tell us What An Acronym Is the first time you use it? Like this:
    “AWS [Amazon Web Services] has long let users…”

    • AWS is a product name. It is no better or worse than if the headline had of said “Azure now allows…” with a Microsoft logo under it.

    • I wouldn’t do that in the headline, but fair point in the body copy; have edited accordingly.

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