ToothbrushDirect Is A Home Delivery Service For Forgetful Brushers

ToothbrushDirect Is A Home Delivery Service For Forgetful Brushers

Most people wait until their toothbrush has become a bristle-askew embarrassment before they even think of replacing it with a new one. It’s just not something you usually think about when doing the weekly groceries. But what if you could get toothbrushes delivered directly to your door right on schedule? This is the concept behind ToothbrushDirect; an Aussie startup that will keep your bristles new and shiny for $3.95 per delivery.

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As its name implies, ToothbrushDirect is a toothbrush subscription service that delivers toothbrushes to Australian households at a frequency of the customer’s choosing. A single brush delivered on a monthly basis will cost you $3.85 per delivery, which is automatically charged via PayPal.

There are also family deals available if you want to order multiple brushes. (Five toothbrushes will set you back $10.45 per month, for example.) If a monthly replacement sounds like overkill, you can opt to have toothbrushes delivered every two or three months.

The range is currently limited to a choice of soft or medium brushes which come with a tongue cleaner and side massagers for your gums. It’s worth noting that the toothbrushes aren’t branded. If the company can be believed, the models have been “professionally designed” and “meet strict international standards”.

In terms of pricing, the service seems pretty reasonable: the cheapest toothbrush at Woolworths is around $1.50, but that obviously doesn’t include shipping.

You can find out more about the service via the company’s charmingly low-budget video:

Alternatively, an easier solution is to simply replace your toothbrush whenever you buy new toothpaste — dentists recommend buying a new toothbrush every three-four months which happens to be around the same time that a full-sized tube of toothpaste lasts. Problem solved.

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    • Why use a TV remote when you can just take two steps to use the controls on the TV?
      Why use a car when you can simply walk anywhere you want?
      Why use a wireless router when you can just connect your computer directly with a cable?
      Why use electricity off the grid when you can just hand crank your own electricity?

      Wow, how ridiculous you would be to order a toothbrush online.

      • LOL, I feel like we should just continue your ridiculous hyperbole ad infinitum.

        Why go to the beach when you can just fill your house up with sand and get a cleaner to come afterwards with an industrial vac?
        Why walk to the shops when you could construct cyborg legs?
        Why earn $50k a year when people make $100k for the same job?
        Why use a telephone when there’s SMS?

        Unless this is a free service (which would be unusual for a business), then you are literally paying to not remember something at a place you have to go very regularly (or even just order online from Coles/etc as many people do now).

        Seems like you’d have to be pretty unsavvy with your money to think this was really a valid option.. That, or rich and too silly to remember one thing, and also unable to use a shopping list…

      • No really, if you need reminding that it’s time to change your toothbrush, you need to get a grip on your life. That’s the point.

        I order my electric toothbrush heads online, it’s about $2 per head vs $7 from the shops. But I don’t need someone to remind me to do it, I’m a big boy now!

    • +1. This is so messed up.

      Nek minnit; a service that delivers you clean underwear daily..

  • a lot of ppl use the same brush for a year + thats gross. but there are some tips. always dry the toothbrush after you use it (stops mould forming on it) I replace mine every 3 weeks as its a soft on so they wear out the quickest. stiffer ones u can get a month or 2 if u are good with it

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