Buy A New Toothbrush Whenever You Buy Toothpaste

Dentists recommend buying a new toothbrush every three-four months, but it's hard to remember when it's time to get a new one. One simple way to remember is to just buy a new toothbrush whenever you buy toothpaste.

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One poster on Reddit offers up this clever tip. A full-sized toothpaste tube should last roughly three months if only one person is using it, so once it's empty, you know it's about time to get rid of the worn-down brush. If you don't trust yourself to remember this trick at the store, just stockpile some extra brushes in your bathroom and replace yours whenever you've used up the very last dollop of toothpaste.

LPT: Buy a new tooth brush when you buy tooth paste [Reddit]


    If your toothpaste lasts 3-4 months, you're either single, or disgusting. Or possibly both.

      Ahhh the article did state "A full-sized toothpaste tube should last roughly three months if only one person is using it"

      So yeah, a single person fits that bill to the tee. As for disgusting, I know a standard (full) size tube will last me around this length of time and I brush twice a day, and I am anything *but* disgusting.

    I'd rather spend me my money on you know, food, living essentials, that kinda thing

    This is Lifehacker, wouldn't you have 10 useless apps that you have setup a reminder ... to REMIND YOU?

    Well my toothpaste tube only lasts about a fortnight, so that would be a bit ridiculous. I use a bristle-size dollop for upper teeth, and the same for the bottom row. If your toothpaste tube lasts 3 months you're probably only using the bare minimum to brush.

      Wait, you brush your top and bottom teeth in two separate brushes?

      By "bristle-size dollop" do you mean you cover the bristles end to end? Twice (one for each row of teeth)? I think you're using too much. I've had multiple dentists recommend to me a pea-size dollop, so I know I'm not using the "bare minimum" but rather the recommended amount. My brush could fit 3 peas on it, so covering it from end to end, twice, would be 6 times too much toothpaste... ...which would reduce the 12 weeks (3 months) worth I get out of a tube down to 2 weeks. I see how your tubes are only lasting a fortnight!

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