DIY Hooked Toothbrush Makes Sure You Never Forget To Brush Again

If you brush your teeth in the shower or just want to hang your toothbrush in a spot where you'll see it, this DIY trick can make your life easier. But this method only works with a certain kind of toothbrush.

Instructables user mikeasaurus (of pizza cones fame) likes to brush his teeth in the shower, but he found himself misplacing his brush or forgetting to bring it into the shower with him. This trick fixes both problems.

All he used was a little heat from his stove, some cloth gloves and an ice bath. Warm up the toothbrush over the stove until the plastic handle is flexible, bend it around a plastic bottle to make a hook, and dip it into the ice bath to set the plastic. That's all there is to it.

However, it only works with this type of plastic toothbrush, and thinner handles are preferable tothicker ones. If you get it to work with your toothbrush, it's a great way to store it in a spot you won't overlook in the morning rush.

Hooked Toothbrush [Instructables]


    ... There are so many things wrong with this.

    Don't brush your teeth in the shower, unless you plan on turning the water off while you do it.

    What Jase said and also, (now im not a scientist but common sense would suggest) Having your tooth brush hanging in an environment that is warm and damp would foster bacteria and mould growth on the brush. Not really something you'd want to put in your mouth.

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