Protect Your Toothbrush From Germs With Lipstick

Protect Your Toothbrush From Germs With Lipstick

Humans are generally considered to be the most intelligent species on Earth. And yet, we choose to store our toothbrushes in the same room we shower and defecate in. What’s that all about eh? Here’s a quick tip that should cut down on the amount of body grime and fecal matter that you (unwillingly) stick in your mouth…

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To ward against the airborne pathogens flitting about your bathroom, simply stick an old lipstick lid over the head of your toothbrush. If your toothbrush head is thicker than average, you could also try slotting it into the opening of a small vitamin/prescription bottle (this also has the bonus of keeping the toothbrush vertically stored in its own little container. For added protection, you can also fill the bottle with antiseptic mouth wash).

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  • Just throwing it out there that Australians don’t keep their toilets in their bathrooms. I always found the idea weird and kinda disgusting. Its becoming a little more common here, mostly so you can have fewer rooms i guess.

    Still.. gross..

    • Really? Its weird because every house I have lived in, which is about 6 different ones now, all have had the toilet in the bathroom. Though my current one doesn’t have one in the ‘guest bathroom’, only the en suite…

    • There are commercial solutions to most of the life hacks we post. It’s about feeling smug and saving money 😛

      • I know, but when purpose-built solutions cost $2.50 for a set of 2, I’m not sure if the “hack” is worthwhile 😛

  • I’m just curious what your medical basis for claiming this is healthier is?

    To me, cramming my wet toothbrush into a cramped, ventilated (but with no air flow), damp and with that little bit of toothpaste you can never truly get out of the bottom of the bristles, and quite likely some of the bacteria from my mouth, into the same tiny case made of god knows what type of plastic (eg, why you shouldn’t refill the water bottles you buy your water in, but it’s fine to refill the softer kind you buy seperately), day after day – seems like the absolutely worst thing possible in every health sense.

    The idea is that when it dries out (upright, well ventilated) – they no longer present a suitable environment for significant bacterial growth. You also seem to mistake that your toothbrush needs protecting because of smells (pooping) – which is merely aromatic gasses. It’s like saying “YOU CANT FART IN THE KITCHEN THAT’S UNSANITARY!” (though I guess the exception would be if you pooped on your toothbrush..), and showering – which will only generally give off steam and perhaps some aromatics from whatever femmes parfum you choose to apply to yourself that day. =P

  • Yep my crapper is in my bathroom. But I don’t lose sleep about it!! Maybe one day, if I see the headline ..’Death By Toothbrush…woman dies from keeping toothbrush in same room as dunny…’ in the news, well, I might reconsider :p

  • Besides, there’s fecal matter on everything. Absolutely everything. You should wash your wang after touching it with your hands, not the other way around.

  • I’ve always kept my toothbrush in my bedroom on the dresser. Simplicity and cleanliness.

  • I guess it’s some consolation that you didn’t mention using an anti-bacterial on it. Fecal traces won’t kill you. Being a nut case about germs until your kids can’t even eat peanuts will.

  • It’s possible that being too fastidious about this may harm your health.

    A growing number of Fecal Transplants are performed every year where fecal matter from one of your healthy relatives is taken, diluted and put into you via a tube in your nose. this healthy fecal matter then repopulates your own body with healthy flora and your Clostridium infection is quickly stopped.

    Keeping toothbrushes in the bathroom, eating without washing your hands, picking your nose and eating the discharge, biting and swallowing your finger nails (and toe nails especially) all help fill your body with beneficial bacteria as well as pathogens and general dirt.

    If your body is healthy then the pathogens are easily countered. In the case of being fed your dad’s latest log, it can save your life.

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