Make Easy, Last-Minute Food Labels For Parties With Binder Clips

When you have people over for a party, it's nice to have labels next to dishes so they don't have to ask you about the food. If you're in a pinch, binder clips are a neat and convenient solution for that, and you can use wrapping paper to make them look pretty too.

Stick a generic gift tag into the binder clip, and you're done. If you don't have gift tags lying around, you can use the back of business cards too. Write down the name of the dish and include what's in it. You can never be too careful with allergies, so it's best to let people know in advance.

The wrapping paper is an added touch by Lucysinspired for the base of the binder clip to make it look pretty:

I cut the paper to fit the width of the clips. Next, I just held the paper up to measure the length. It just wraps around the bottom of the clip. Voila! You have a place card or food label!

DIY Food Labels for Party [Lucysinspired via Apartment Therapy]


    How delightfully common! Why is having people "ask you about the food" a problem for you? Here's a handy lifehacker tip: don't invite people over who nit-pick about what you serve them.

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