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If you're running a bit low on storage space on your desk, reader Max points out that most Apple computers, including iMacs and MacBooks, have a magnetic screen that's great for storing stuff. Attach a binder clip to it, and suddenly you can store all kinds of things.


A pair of binder clips is all you need to keep tall boots from bending at the ankle and folding in half. Whether you want to save space storing your boots, or you just don't like the idea of a permanent crease at the base because the top flopped over, this trick will net you both benefits.


Deflating air-filled items, from pool rafts to soccer balls, generally requires you put pressure on the valve to force the air out. This can get tiresome fast, but redditor h2orat solved that problem with a binder clip.


If you need a place to store your headphones that's within easy reach and not taking up space on your desk, Lifehacker reader Bruno Tagliani has a great solution. He shows us how he built a tiny contraption with nothing but two binder clips.