Hide Valuables In A Dental Floss Container

Hide Valuables in a Dental Floss Container

There are lots of spots in your home where you can hide cash and other valuable items. One clever hiding tool that could come in handy, especially when travelling, is a plain old dental floss container.

Karah offers this quick tip on The Space Between blog. Dental floss containers, like the one you see above, have a top that just pops out, leaving enough room for some cash or maybe jewellery.

(Hopefully thieves won't have a sudden urge to floss when they're in your hotel room or bathroom.)

Day #21 - where to hide your money on vacation [The Space Between]


    Don't know if I want to stash filthy money with oral hygiene products.

      Obviously you use an empty floss container.

    Can't fit my thick gold necklace. halp!

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