Tie Food With Dental Floss Instead Of Kitchen Twine

Tie Food with Dental Floss Instead of Kitchen Twine

Many recipes call for you to tie ingredients together with kitchen twine. If you don't have any on hand, dental floss makes a great substitute.

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We've covered other uses for dental floss such as cutting cheese and getting cookies off baking trays. It's also very useful for holding food together — say, if you need to cook poultry or bundle herbs. Just remember: always use unflavored dental floss, unless you prefer that fake mint flavour in your food.

Hit the link for other uses of dental floss besides cleaning between your teeth.

20 Uses for Dental Floss That Don't Involve Your Teeth [One Good Thing]


    Yeah, I can't say I agree with this tip. The only one I'd go by is to use it to cut food (soft cheese, the soft part of a cheese cake, sponge cake, etc.).

    Yeah, nah. Pretty sure dental floss isn't meant to be cooked. Pass.

    Seriously, does anyone edit this stuff or does it just get published blind?

    I agree with the above comments.

    But also, it's usually mine flavoured, I don't want my cheese tasting like toothpaste.

    I use dental floss with wax for deep frying. It's perfect. In general baking it can release toxins but all of that is eliminated in deep frying.

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