Learn How To Hide Things In Plain Sight

Looking for a place to stash some cash, jewellery or other valuable objects? Your home offers plenty of hiding spaces, and the Construction of Secret Hiding Places is a free manual that will teach you how to use or make them.We've seen a few of these clever hiding spots before, including the DIY soup-can safe and hidden doortop stash, but this illustrated manual by Charles Robinson offers a variety of hiding places and instructions for their use, from making the most of "dead spaces" in your home to creating a false bottom drawer.

It's a fascinating read even if you don't have anything to hide.

The Construction of Secret Hiding Places (PDF) [United American Freedom Foundation via Root Simple]


    Thanks for this. I'm a burglar and always wondering where to look for stuff.

    Why does this remind me of Monty Python's "How not to be seen"?

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