Hang Pictures With Dental Floss

If you've ever used picture-hanging wire in your life, you know it's prone to scratching up walls and being a bit of a pain to use. To alleviate this problem, This Old House recommends using dental floss instead.

Typically, the back of a frame is crossed with a piece of braided wire. This unbraids over time and can scratch up a painted wall if you're not careful. Dental floss is soft, so you don't have to worry about scratching the wall, and it's easier to work with since you don't need wire cutters. If you're hanging a heavy frame you can always braid the dental floss together so it holds. Find a few more unusual tips for using dental floss over at This Old House.

10 Uses for Dental Floss [This Old House via Apartment Therapy]


    I use string, and fishing wire. But nothing like some old stinky dental floss to get those frames up!

    Picture wire unbraids? News to me. First off, picture wire is typically spiral wound, not braided. We've got pictures that have hung this way for decades and my parents have some from the 19th century and the wires are showing no signs of unbraiding/unravelling (though the older wires are almost black with years of dust).

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