Craft Beer In A Can: Weird Or Genius?

Craft Beer In A Can: Weird Or Genius?

For me, beer in cans implies cheap and cheerful, and I’m enough of a snob to mostly purchase beer in glass bottles. But local craft brewer the Australian Brewery uses nothing but cans. What gives?

“Craft beer is better in a can for a few reasons,” the Australian Brewery’s David Ward explained to me. “First and foremost there’s zero light. That means no additives and preservatives, or you have to use a darker bottle.”

There’s also less risk of oxygenation. “Once the can’s sealed there’s no leakage,” Ward said. “It’s fresher beer for longer.”

“It’s not the normal approach in Australia, but it definitely is in North America and Canada,” Ward said. But is there sometimes a counter-reaction to the cans locally?

“In Sydney, there’s still an element of that,” Ward said. “In Melbourne, everyone is much happier with it.” (I sampled the brewery’s pilsener and pale ale, and enjoyed them, though I don’t claim to be a beer expert.)

Are you a fan of the can, or is a bottle the way to go? Do you figure it doesn’t matter if you pour it into a glass? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  • Of course it doesn’t matter…any good beer you pour into a glass.

    The no light thing is great but I would like to see them try and do a lambic or something funky in a can, I don’t think it would work well.

  • As an avid beer enthusiast, the same brand straight from a can/bottle, you’ll notice that. Some is mental, some is the container itself.

    Overall taste in a glass remains the same! As does the alcoholic content.

  • Cider, beer, soft drink, all seems too carbonated in a can to me. That’s my only gripe with canned drinks.

  • Maybe it’s an Aussie thing, but beer in cans just feels rednecky or fratty, same deal with the red plastic cups. I’m sure if I grew up with it, it would seem totally normal though.

  • As someone who has just finished off his second rather large bottle of booze for the night, I can tell you that I misread the title as “Kraft Beer in a Can: Weird or Genius?”

    I instantly wondered what vegemite beer might taste like.

  • Each to his own but I wouldn’t drink the stuff. This would have to be force carbonated rather than naturally conditioned and for me that makes a huge difference for craft beer – that’s why I don’t keg either. It’s an interesting gimmick though and good luck to them.

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