Australia Post Adds Weekend Deliveries

Australia Post Adds Weekend Deliveries

Here’s some great news for serial online shoppers: Australia Post will be making deliveries seven days a week between now and Christmas to help cope with orders. This should ensure that you receive your ordered gifts prior to 25 December — and also increases the odds of someone being home to accept the delivery.

“To ensure smooth and timely delivery of your parcels, we will be undertaking weekend mail deliveries,” Australia Post announced in a statement. The extended deliveries will take place on every weekend between 16 November and 22 December.

There will also be a weekend delivery service on the 4/5 January.

eBay also released a statement about the weekend delivery initiative in which it indicates a bumper year for online retail transactions made on the go:

From the early trends we are seeing so far, it looks to be a Christmas dominated by mobile transactions. Consumers are very clearly telling us that they want to be able to shop anytime anywhere on any device that’s most convenient to them, and this Australia Post decision could help to facilitate that by giving consumers confidence that their gifts will be under the tree long before the 25th rolls around.

You can find out more information at Australia Post’s website. Also keep an eye out for our Christmas gift guides and holiday hacks, which we’ll start rolling out in the coming weeks.


  • Really? I’ve currently got a pet conspiracy theory that AP have dropped the Friday delivery. I NEVER get post on a Friday……

  • The thing I really want is for the post office itself to be open on weekends so that I can go pick up the parcel when I miss the delivery. Only open 9-5 is so annoying, that’s when most people are at work and can’t get to the PO to pick up the parcel…

    • Looks like you’re in luck: “Many retail outlets nationally will offer extended trading from Saturday 16 November to Monday 23 December.” You can find out if your local post office will be staying open longer here.

      • Doesn’t look like they’re listing anything different to normal there yet. I’m just going to assume the post office my stuff always gets carded to won’t be open. It’s already in the middle of a shopping center that gets absolutely crazy over the Christmas period and their usual M.O. seems to involve being as inconvenient as they possibly can be, so I’d expect them to deliberately cut their hours back from normal rather than stay open later.

    • Where’s your Australia Post? The 3 Australia Posts closest to me, are all open 9:00-12:30 Saturday all year.

      • A lot of them are, but all it takes is the two nearest to be closed on weekends. Best bet is to find a good news agency/post office. They’ll be open earlier and usually at least a half day on Saturday. Doesn’t help much with missed deliveries though since you get no say in where it lands.

    • I feel the same way about banks. 7-11 or McDonalds can be open 24-7, but a bank considers it special to stay open until the late late hour of 5PM?

      • Banks are a bit of an interesting case. They generally close at 4-4:30 because it takes them a significant chunk of time to process and balance the transactions for the day before anyone can lock up and go home. For the same reason, a lot of them only open at 9:30 as they need to confirm the starting point for the day.

      • No offense to employees of 7-11 or McDonalds, but they’re paid a very low wage. Bank workers aren’t. Paying overtime costs money. 99% of a bank’s business, is with businesses who all finish work at 5:00pm, so not real point staying open

      • Stupid business hours.

        Express post’s that take days to weeks.

        Drivers not knocking on the door.

        Parcels ending up at the the furtherest Aus post for you to pick up.

        inaccurate parcel tracking.

        Parcels ending up at the wrong address, which happened recently, the guy at the wrong address signed for it and that was $500 down the drain.

        I have both paypal and order receipts with both my correct address but for some reason they sent it over to a another residence 3 hours away. I Have appealed many times to AUSpost with the response being “sorry there is nothing we can do about it.”

        Recently My girlfriend purchased a small item online from a perth store (live in Perth)
        Since it would have been more convenient (we work full time etc…) for it to be posted than to drive 30 minutes to the store. The item was ‘in transit’ for 4 days. Tell me where is the logic in that?

        Fuck Aus Post.

  • Well…this creates an interesting problem.

    If you usually get packages delivered to work, like I do, if they arrive on a weekend I obviously won’t be there to collect it. Hopefully, it goes back to the nearest post office, where I’ll be able to collect it the next business day, but it’s an office building, where would they put the slip to tell me that it’s waiting there?

    • My guess is that they will not even attempt delivery to business addresses on the weekend, and focus on residential addresses. They will do the opposite on weekdays (they might hold residential deliveries received on Friday, deliver Saturday/Sunday, and won’t have any residential deliveries on Monday).

      This saves lots of wasted time going to businesses that are shut, or to houses where no-one is home.

  • Oh joy! Another 2 days of the week when my usual delivery driver can completely ignore his/her job by not even attempting to deliver my packages. So many deliveries, so few cards.

  • Awesome! I do wish they delivered on weekends all year round though. I wouldn’t mind paying a ‘deliver on weekend’ fee if it was at a reasonable price.

  • Japan already long had weekend deliveries, and you can even schedule when you want them to deliver it, everything arrives next day even from one side of the country to the other, excluding Okinawa islands.

    one time, the postie delivered my stuffs even though there’s a typhoon outside

  • Interesting contrast with New Zealand’s postal system that is going to reduce to 3 delivery days per week within a year or two.
    (Yes, Aus Post is just extending days/times for the Christmas period, but I still find it interesting)

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