You Can Now Tell Australia Post Where To Deliver Your Parcels

You Can Now Tell Australia Post Where To Deliver Your Parcels

MyPost Deliveries is a new service from Australia Post that lets you choose exactly where your parcels get delivered — be it your work address, parcel locker, local post office or the house of a family member. Best of all, the service is free.

In a bid to make customers’ online Christmas shopping easier, Australia Post has launched MyPost Deliveries. To make use of the service, customers need to register at the MyPost website.

You can then choose when and where you receive your parcels when you shop online. Handily, you can set up multiple addresses on your MyPost account and change the delivery point for specific parcels.

The video below goes into a bit more detail about how the service works:

Like last year, Australia Post is also extending its PO opening hours and adding weekend parcel deliveries, which kick off this month.

We can think of several advantages to this new service: in addition to ensuring your parcels aren’t delivered when nobody’s home, you can also send kid’s pressies to your parents’ house so they don’t catch a glimpse of them before Christmas.

You can register for the free service via the aforementioned MyPost website or by visiting your local post office. As an added bonus, Australia Post is giving away a 500 gram Express Post satchel worth $10.55 when customers sign up.


  • …as opposed to not being able to tell Australia Post where to deliver your parcels?

    • Yeah, I’m wondering about that too. Surely if you want your parcels delivered to a different address you just type a different address?

      • You can then choose when and where you receive your parcels

        I think the ‘when’ is also the key there. Nothing like getting one of those slips telling you to go to the post office, which you can’t do because you work 9-5 like a normal human being. This way you’ll get them not only when you’re home, but when you’re available.

        • God this, everytime. ever fucking single time.

          makes my blood boil typing this tbh

          – Express post delivery with instructions to specifically have the item left on my door step upon delivery.
          Get left with a card instead for me to pick it up.

          For some god forsaken reason they decide to leave the item at post office that’s 3 fucking suburbs away (every time!) when there is one 2 minutes away around the corner from my house which also takes deliveries.. Actually takes an hour to make the trip because of roadworks/peak hour traffic (roe hwy)

          It’s no longer worth being ‘express post’ because eventually I need to schedule with work a few days in advance that i need to finish work early just so I can pick up my delivery.

          said parcels are small enough to fit in the palm of my hand.

          Recently had to pick up a $5.00 item from said post office 3 suburbs away.

          It puts me out of pocket in the end.

          -$10 express fee
          -$5 fuel*
          -$150 time taken off from work
          Not to mention time wasted in doing all this because AUS post is incompetent.

          Believe me, I have complained so many times to aus post, made so many phone calls, spent countless hours on the phone with them and the end nothing get’s resolved.

          • Have you tried using a parcel locker? I’ve done it heaps of times and it’s bloody amazing.

          • I have looked into it however funny enough the only parcel locker in my area is located at the same post office 3 suburbs away :\

          • I would though I work at different sites each day, so hard to know when and where I would be. head office is in the city and I only go there once a month for meetings

  • 10 attempts to get it to recognise my post code, and an error processing when I finally got to choose the post office. Would like to have Auspost hold all my parcels for parcel locker, a lot of international parcels come through them, but I have no idea beforehand so have to use my postal address, or drive a 90 minute round trip to pick them up from a courier depot as they wont pay to put them in parcel lockers.

  • Now, if I could just get the local driver to actually get out of the truck and attempt to deliver my parcel, instead of just stuffing a “You weren’t home” slip in the box and driving off.

    • I think they’re updating the wording on those to say, “Can’t be fucked, get it yourself”

    • I had a auspost contractor repeatedly do that and I complained several times and they did squat. Then I setup a cam outside and recorded the guy on 4 occasions over a week pull up and get straight out with the delivery card and put it straight into my mailbox and drive off. He doesn’t deliver my parcels any more and never had one go missing since

    • I’ve had that happen a few times. Even had a postie on a bike hand one to me while I was in my garden, then the card says I can’t pick it up until the next day. And to think I paid extra for next day delivery and they don’t even try to do it.

  • You mean I can now choose where my “Sorry we tried to make a delivery” slips go to?

    I have a home business and not once has there been an attempted delivery by AusPost even though I have been home the whole time. So this is pretty useless to me.

  • As someone who has working in dispatch for over 10 years now I think Aus Post should have worked out there OLD problems before introducing something like this to the mix. It’s like having cats to deliver parcels, now they just have laser pointers to follow *sighs*

  • Ok, so I signed up…

    It doesn’t seem to be anything like what it should be.
    You can now have stuff posted to
    a) Your address
    b) The Post Office for collection (Parcel Collect)
    c) A Parcel Locker.

    And although you can connect all three together in the one account, they don’t seem to have the option of handling any connection between them.

    Ideally, I’d like to get parcels delivered to a) my home address, and then if I’m not home (or the postie is too lazy to ring the doorbell, which often happens), then they leave a card, and instead of having to deal with parcel collection at the post office during their not-very-convenient business hours, it should /automatically/ redirect to c) my parcel locker, so I can go there after hours.

    But MyPost doesn’t seem to have that option. You can arrange to post things directly to the post office or parcel locker, but that won’t work if the shop you’re buying from uses a courier that isn’t Star Track. And when you’re buying online from overseas, it’s sometimes difficult to tell whether a courier or Australia Post will be used once it hits our shores.

    And yet the simple idea of “if you’re not home, we’ll connect your address with your registered Parcel Locker, chuck it in there and notify you” doesn’t seem to be an option, even with this *new* service.

    • Yeah, what they’re advertising the service as seems to be quite misleading once you actually start to look into it.
      The only things this service has actually introduced is a ‘parcel collection ID card’ and the ability to address your parcels directly to a post office rather than to your home/work address or a parcel locker.

  • I’ve got a 24/7 parcel locker and just get all parcels and packets sent there (they won’t accept regular mail but I have a PO Box for that). The parcel locker is free and right outside where my wife works, so it is VERY convenient for us.

  • So i have a parcel to pick up and they put the card in the door not post box so dumb! and im worried i wont get my parcel because it said to pick it up 8th 12th 2014 its new years now!

  • Would be so appropriate
    Can’t agree more
    Australia post is the only post I’ve used in several countries were that don’t actually bother to deliver your parcel

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