The Easiest Way To Turn A Bag Of Snacks Into A Bowl

The Internet loves the 'roll up from bottom' hack of turning a bag of chips into a serving bowl, but one guy might just have topped it. If you've tried the original hack, you probably know that the chips at the bottom get crushed when you roll it up.

Well, here's a way to open it up without any mess at all. The trick is hold the bag in a way to create an air pocket in the middle and puncture it, tearing a small piece. Hold that piece and rotate the bag counter-clockwise, so the piece keeps tearing off in a bigger circle, till the whole bag is a bowl! Pure genius.

This should also help solve the problem of opening stubborn bags without resorting to the two-coin trick.

A clever way to open a bag of snacks [dool 둘]


    Eh... I've been doing this since I was in highschool in the 90s. There were never any bowls/plates for the end of year class parties.

    I'm confused at how you're crushing chips with the "push up the base" technique. You don't roll anything, You simply push the bottom of the bag back inside.

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