Create An Instant Snack Bowl From Any Snack Bag

Create An Instant Snack Bowl From Any Snack Bag

Sure, snack bowls are nice if you have guests over, but who needs one just to eat some pretzels in front of the TV? Instead, roll the bottom of the bag into a bowl for easy access.

This trick is so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it before—all you need to do is invert the bottom of the bag, rolling it up into itself. The bag will sit easily on the table without falling over. What’s even better is you no longer have to deal with the sadness of looking into the bag and seeing the unfortunate results of settling—just roll the bottom high enough, and you can do away with the digging phase of chip eating. It’s especially nice if you have more than one person eating out of the bag, too—no more reaching a foot into the bag while someone else’s arm is already in there.There’s no excuse to eat out of the bag the way you used to anymore—it’s that easy. Got any other great snacking tips? Share them in the comments! Thanks, Kerensky97!

Instant snack Bowl! It might blow your mind. [Reddit]


  • There is a much better hack than this where you still don’t have to reach your hand in right to the bottom and its much more like a bowl.

    Instead of this method.

    Make a small cut or tear in the front/side (usually where the label is) of the packet.

    Using your fingers, pull the cut so it rips into a big circle and then just place the packet on its back like a bowl.

    This way you don’t get your hands dirty having to reach right down as the bowl is much more shallow!

    You can make the circle/hole as big or as small as you want too.

    • Your method assumes you’re going to eat the chips in one sitting. With the fold method, you can undo the bowl and close up the bag. You can also roll down the top more to make the bowl more shallow.

      Also, don’t you have to reach under the top to get to the chips, thus getting dirty hands?

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