Briefly: Next-Gen Console Graphics Compared, Cheap Blu-Rays, Become Doctor Who

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: BBC releases Facebook app that turns anyone into Doctor Who, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One graphics face-off, more eye-popping cosplay for your viewing pleasure.

  • Kotaku likes itself a bit of cosplay. So do a lot of our readers, which is all the excuse we need. (Special mention must go to the ridiculously cute Chun-Li. Hnngh.)
  • JB Hi-Fi is currently offering two Blu-Ray movies for $20. Noteworthy titles include Looper, Dark Knight Rises, Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, The Castle, Ferris Buellers Day Off, Fargo, Romper Stomper, Mad Max, District 9 and The Big Lebowski. [Via OzBargain]
  • The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One aren't even out yet, but the inevitable graphics comparisons are already heating up. This IGN video compares Battlefield 4 on both next-gen consoles. See if you can spot the difference.
  • In celebration of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary, the BBC has released an interactive Facebook app that superimposes your photo into the opening credits of the long-running TV show. If you've ever wanted to be the Doctor, this is your chance! [Via Fat Duck Tech]
  • Here's one for our female readers courtesy of PopSugar Health & Fitness: Seven Foods to Reduce PMS.



    That's why there's so much talk about sexism in gaming / tech.

      "Hnngh" is why? Weird.

      Also I don't think anyone except extreme feminists/masochists are really saying that nobody of any gender should ever regard anyone as "cute" or even attractive in gaming ever again...

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