Briefly: Vintage Doctor Who On iView, Ultimate Hangover Foods, Nvidia Slams Next-Gen Consoles

Briefly: Vintage Doctor Who On iView, Ultimate Hangover Foods, Nvidia Slams Next-Gen Consoles

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: ABC iView holds classic Dr Who voting competition, how to make a superhero movie in 10 easy steps, Nvidia claims PC graphics will always beat consoles.

  • ABC is holding a competition on its Facebook page to determine which classic Doctor Who will get the iView treatment. The Doctor with the highest number of votes will be added to the video on demand service on November 23. Click here to cast your vote!
  • Nvidia has come out with some harsh words about the graphical capabilities of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. “It’s no longer possible for a console to be a better or more capable graphics platform than the PC,” Tony Tamasi, Nvidia’s senior vice president of content and technology said in a recent interview with Australian PC PowerPlay. “Nvidia spends 1.5 billion US dollars per year on research and development in graphics… Sony and Microsoft simply can’t afford to spend that kind of money. They just don’t have the investment capacity to match the PC guys.” All well and true perhaps, but we get the distinct impression of sour grapes from these comments — both the Xbox One and PS4 are powered by AMD architecture, which happens to be Nvidia’s chief rival. Read the full interview here.
  • Superhero movies aren’t what they used to be — while The Dark Knight, Iron Man and The Avengers were all unabashedly great, the majority of this year’s offerings have been pretty lackluster to say the least. In this amusing video, the guys over at Slacktory show how to make a superhero movie in 10 easy steps.
  • Here’s one for tomorrow morning: the girls over at PopSugar Health & Fitness have published a list of five hangover cures; from water with citrus to the trust bacon and eggs.
  • At a recent Harvard fundraising campaign, Bill Gates admitted that the iconic Ctrl-Alt-Delete keyboard combo was a “mistake”. According to Gates, the series of button presses was not the original intention. “We could have had a single button, but the guy who did the IBM keyboard design didn’t wanna give us our single button,” Gates explained. You can watch the video yourself on YouTube.


  • Nvidia has every right to complain about the consoles. It has nothing to do with AMD. The power of consoles directly impacts PC gaming. With consoles coming out less than current PC gaming it retards the entire graphics industry for many years to come.

  • One point they left out of the “How to make a superhero movie” is:
    Don’t take away their powers, you f**king idiots!

    I go to a superhero movie wanting to see a superhero doing super things with super powers (eg. Avengers). Not some painfully shallow attempt at character development to make them “more human/relateable/redemption/nonsense” (eg. Thor).

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