Briefly: McDonald’s Dumps Heinz Ketchup, 20% Off iTunes Cards, ‘Screenshot’ Cosplay

Briefly: McDonald’s Dumps Heinz Ketchup, 20% Off iTunes Cards, ‘Screenshot’ Cosplay
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Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: McDonald’s Australia to dump Heinz as a supplier of tomato ketchup, get 20 percent off iTunes gift cards at Australia Post, is the Coalition government working on a new ISP blocking anti-piracy plan?

  • McDonald’s Australia is set to dump Heinz as a supplier of its ketchup due to a conflict of interest with a rival burger chain, reports Business Insider Australia. In February this year 3G Capital, which owns Burger King, took over Heinz in a deal valued at $28 billion. “We are moving to a new supplier,” a McDonald’s Australia spokesperson confirmed. “We are looking to do that next year.” In other words, it’s time to start stockpiling those little sauce sachets.
  • We’ve seen several iTunes cards deals of varying value and length in the past few weeks. Here’s another: 20 per cent off all cards at Australia Post. The deal will be available until 3rd November. [Via OzBargain]
  • Anyone can cosplay as their favourite video game character. But reenacting actual screenshots? That takes skill! Head over to Kotaku to see some truly impressive BioShock “in-game” cosplay — complete with Booker’s POV Hand.
  • Could the Coalition government be considering ISP blocking anti-piracy plan? According to a report in The Australian, new Attorney-General George Brandis has been tasked with tackling online piracy as a priority. This has involved sending letters to the heads of telcos, ISPs and other industry bodies about having a renewed chin-wag on how to solve the issue. One option allegedly on the table would allow studios to sue ISPs in order to have websites that distribute pirated material blocked. Click here for more information.
  • “Wanna catch your Pokémon in a shiny new Colour in X & Y?” asks Kotaku. We have no idea what this means, but if that sort of thing is of interest to you, this guide explains how it’s done.


  • Really? Heinz make the best tomato sauce & tomato ketchup. No other commercial brand comes close. What a disappointment.

      • I’m just saying. If it wasn’t for Coles & Woolworths deciding not to stock one entire line of Heinz tomato sauces it would still be made here in Australia as well, instead of New Zealand..

  • i’unno. Heinz is one of the lesser brands, worse since they stopped making stuff in Australia.

    If they went with White Crow or Rosella or that brand with 8’s int he name, if they scrapped the Iceburg for some Oak or some other decent lettuce, if they reduced the obscene amount of sugar in their bread rolls, if they changed their solid grills for volcanic rock BBQs :-

    Well they could almost be edible.

    Thing is, MacDonalds will always be pathetic, and Aussies are way smarter than the septics, we know this and generally avoid the Arches.

    • 5% sugar in a bun is not that bad! hell Bakers Delight recipe calls for at least 1% sugar in all their bread except their sweet dough which is 10%, it’s not only there to make the bun sweeter, the sugars help feed the yeast to aid in gas production and increase the volume and softness of the crumb.

      I do agree with you on the White Crow though, IMO the best tomato sauce you can buy anywhere!! Heinz is not that great.

      but all the other stuff about changing the lettuce and going to volcanic rock BBQ grills… are you serious? how much do you want to pay for a burger from a fast food chain?

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