Delectable Collects Your Favourite Wines, Helps You Find New Ones

Delectable Collects Your Favourite Wines, Helps You Find New Ones

iOS: If you’re a wine lover, collector, or just like a glass from time to time, Delectable for the iPhone gives you an easy way to organise the wines you may have in a wine rack or fridge. The app also helps you keep track of the ones you’ve tried and find new ones to drink based on what you already enjoy.

Delectable makes it easy to scan and tag wines you’ve had by taking a picture of the bottle and its the front and rear labels. From there, you can add tags to filter it, comments describing why you liked it, how much it cost, where you bought or drank it, and even give it a rating.

From there, you can get involved in Delectable’s community of users, see what other people are drinking, and find other users who’ve tried the same wines you’ve tagged, what they thought and other wines you might like. You can even follow winemakers and sommeliers in the community to get even more inspiration, and to learn about wines you may not have otherwise discovered.

Delectable is free and available now in the iTunes App Store. It’s optimised for the iPhone, and it just received a design update to fit in nicely with iOS 7. The developers behind the app say they’re working on an Android version to launch soon.

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