Why It May Make Sense To Reach For The Cheaper Wine

Do more expensive wines taste different than cheaper wines? BBC is reporting that a blind taste test has found people really can't taste the difference between expensively priced wines and inexpensive ones.

The study had 578 participants taste a range of red and white wines and try to correctly identify which wines were expensive and which were ones cheap. The volunteers were only able to guess correctly 50 per cent of the time — chance guesses.

Over at StackExchange, other research, including ones where the blind testers were professional wine tasters, is being discussed that seems to support this.

This isn't to say that people who enjoy expensive wines should stop buying them — part of the pleasure experience when drinking expensive wine may be the label. But if you're at a restaurant deciding between unknown wines, the cheaper wine may very well taste the same to you as the more expensive one, so you might as well save the money. Photo by Tobyotter

Cheap wine 'good as pricier bottles' - blind taste test BBC via StackExchange]


    As with beer, it's far better to learn how to combine different wines with the food you're eating.

    I have long suspected this. But my label obsessed gf just won't admit to it.

    but as soon as you tell us the better of the cheap wines they will become the dearer ones

    The best reason to spend more money when buying wine is that the cheaper wines give you worse hangovers.

    Chris makes a good point, also Australia produces a lot of very good cheap wine, to compare quality vs price is not really a valid test, for Australia at least. Briton is not known for wine production that I know of.

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