Polish Silverware With A Banana Peel

Instead of using chemical silver polish, you can make your own quick and cheap polish using banana peels.

Bananas, besides being healthy for you, are pretty versatile. We've seen you can use banana peels to remove splinters and polish your shoes. Add to that list removing tarnish from silver.

Basically you just have to blend some banana peels with water and then use that paste as you would any other polish (rub on with a soft cloth, wash off and dry with a soft cloth). Voila! Shiny silver. Photo remixed from originals by robin_24 and Muffet

Polish Your Silver Using Banana Peels [Apartment Therapy]


    Just cross your fingers that you don't have anyone come around for dinner who's allergic to bananas!

      LOL, I thought of the same thing too.

    I guess if you have a lot of silverware that needs polishing, you might be the kind of person who can afford to buy bananas at the moment!

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