How To Rip a Phonebook in Half [Video]

The White Pages arguably has no purpose in today's digitally connected world — so why not sacrifice it to the demi-god Heracles in a display of bicep-flexing masculinity? Lifehacker favourite Sam Tucker explains how it's done.

In the past, YouTube comedian Sam Tucker has shown us how to fake playing the piano (twice!) as well as the art of using a banana as a stylus.

In his latest How To video, Tucker shows off how to rip a phone book in half with your bare hands (or should that be bear hands?) Check it out in the clip above. (Thanks to Lifehacker reader Sam for the heads up!)

Also, once you've eviscerated this paper-based relic, be sure to opt out of receiving future telephone directories — this post explains the various ways to get your delivery cancelled, with varying levels of success.


    Coincidentally, as I read this, I've got this bag of coles salted cashews with a thick, foil/plastic hybrid packaging which was proving impossible to open. In a moment of self-doubt at my manliness I lamented, "When did I become so weak and feeble? Is this what it means to grow old?!" and in a fit of defiance, wrenched at the package in my grasp with the ferocity of one who powerfully resents the inevitability of frailty and death.

    The packaging tore open in the middle, rather than along the seal or glue. That glue was stronger than the packaging itself.

    On the plus side... I guess you can be pretty confident about freshness of anything stored inside something bonded so stubbornly.

    ....and right about now your typical 19 yr old fake-glasses skinny jean hipster is asking ' what's a book ?'.

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