Which Multichannel Is Guilty Of Showing The Most Repeats?

Which Multichannel Is Guilty Of Showing The Most Repeats?
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Australia’s multichannels are often criticised for screening too much old content — sometimes, it feels like their schedule consists entirely of reruns of That 70s Show, The Big Bang Theory and Everybody Loves Raymond. But which network is the worst offender? According to a new TV Tonight study, the amount of repeats we get saddled with varies significantly from channel to channel…

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This week, TV Tonight analysed the prime-time schedules of ten Australian multichannels: ABC NEWS 24, ABC2, ABC3, SBS 2, ELEVEN, ONE, 7MATE, 7TWO, GO! and GEM.

Not surprisingly, ABC NEWS was the winner when it came to new content, with approximately 71 percent of its programming airing for the first time (81 new titles, compared to 33 repeats). The worst offender, meanwhile, was GO!, which only managed a freshness rating of 11 percent. Out of the 59 programs aired on GO!, only six were new.

“Aside from one Australian movie, GO!’s first-run content was all US comedies,” TV Tonight explained. “On Monday, Tuesday and Friday it had no premieres. GO! needs to offer viewers better content.”

Ironically, despite TV Tonight’s protestations, GO! is one of the country’s highest-rated multichannels, with an evening market share that is second only to 7TWO (according to Think TV statistics).

    Here’s how the other multichannels rated on first-run content this week:

  • SBS 2: 68% (53 titles out of 78)
  • ELEVEN: 49% (35 titles out of 71)
  • ONE: 32% (21 titles out of 66)
  • 7MATE: 27% (13 titles out of 48)
  • ABC2: 25% (35 titles out of 141)
  • 7TWO: 23% (12 titles out of 53)
  • GEM: 21% (12 titles out of 53)
  • ABC3: 16% (6 titles out of 53)
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    TV Tonight notes that its analysis is not indicative of each multichannel’s yearly schedule. For example, GEM will be adding the 2013 Ashes cricket series to next week’s scheduling which will boost its first-run content.

    That said, it’s hard to argue that the majority of multichannel programming is too old, too overplayed and too American.

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    Which TV show are you the most sick of seeing repeats of? Conversely, which of your old favourites don’t get shown enough? Tell us in the comments section below.

    [Via TV Tonight]


  • You know what doesn’t get repeated enough? Baker/Pertwee-era Dr. Who, Monkey Magic and The Goodies. Sort it out, Channel 2!

    • YES! Abso-bloody-lutely I couldn’t agree more. I’m guessing you were also born early eighties? haha

    • You’re a Colin Baker fan?

      I agree – there isn’t enough replaying of anything that aired on The Afternoon Show with messrs Valentine and Tunn.

  • Far out Foxtel channels would all be like 80%+ I think…one of the reason I dumped Fox, got sick of pay for watching the same shows over and over and over

  • We could probably go another showing of Hercules and Xena series’, Farscape, Twilight Zone, Police Woman, Columbo, Streets of San Francisco, Alienation, the 80s series of V, The Honeymooners (I’ve never seen more than one and a bit episodes of this) Monkey! (Monkey Magic is the title of the theme tune, not the series) and Blake’s 7. On the movie front I would like to see a few more of the Ealing comedies they have been showing on Gem, perhaps something with Stanley Holloway in it or Peter Sellers. Some 50’s-60’s sci-fi B graders would be good too. Also Jimmy Durante, Marx Brothers, Martin and Lewis Bob Hope, 3 Stooges.
    Oh and while I am at it PLEASE bring back the Bugs Bunny Show.

  • Oh and Simpsons repeats would be better if they weren’t always from the early seasons. It’s the longest running animated show in history for pete’s sake! Maggie should have had kids of her own, Bart a marriage and a divorce, Lisa a career, Homer a heart attack and Marge a long Caribbean holiday by now.

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