Kids' TV Shows Move Off ABC1 Today

Note for parents: as of today, all ABC4Kids children's programming has been moved off the main ABC1 channel and onto ABC2. The times of several shows have changed, so be sure to check the details if you're planning to use the box as a cheap babysitter treat for your kids.

As TV Tonight points out, the schedule shift has some benefits: programming now starts at 5am, and Play School is on four times a day. The main source of complaints on the ABC Facebook page seems to be from parents who had developed a bedtime routine around 6:30pm screenings of In The Night Garden. Bedtime messages are now starting earlier, at 5:30pm.

The slots freed up on ABC1 will be used for general programming, though this will inevitably be mostly repeats. Hit the link for full details on the changes.

ABC Kid’s shows switch to ABC2 [TV Tonight]


    I actually like this change. In the Night Garden has occupied that 6:30pm timeslot for too long now, and this change saves my sanity. That show drives me nuts and it was on every. single. night. There's only so many episodes of that you can tolerate before you physically start feeling your brain turn into mush.

    Luckily my 4 year old had kinda grown out of it anyway, but now it's not going to be on at all, so yay. Yes we'll need to change her bedtime routine slightly but I don't think it'll be a huge deal.

      i bet the narrator on In The Night Garden thought his career was over when he first read his scripts... haha.. It is the worst show on telly, I refuse to buy their merchandise.

        Derek Jacobi is a fairly busy dude, according to IMDB. It's funny, other than In the Night Garden I only really remember him as Emperor Claudius and Brother Cadfael.

        In the Night Garden is of course brain-pulpingly boring, and everyone here will probably agree. That's because the readership of this site is a bit beyond Two Years Old. My little guys loved it when they were tiny.

        Hell, I still have a soft spot for flatulent dirigibles.

    Don't get me started on the scale issues in 'The Night Garden'. It makes no sense. Unless they are using forced perspective, like they do in Lord of the Rings. Which I highly doubt.

    Good. ABC has way too much children's programming on ABC2 and ABC3/ABC4Kids as it is. Bloody sick of it. Time to free up the airwaves.

    I wish they would move in the night garden to 3 in the morning. On shrooms and acid it would be freaking awesome.

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