Channel Seven Is The Worst For Starting TV Shows Later Than Advertised

Channel Seven Is The Worst For Starting TV Shows Later Than Advertised

It’s super-annoying behaviour which every commercial TV network indulges in regularly: scheduling shows that run well past their advertising finishing time so you’re not able to easily switch channels and watch another network. Tracking run by TV Tonight suggests that Channel Seven is the worst offender.

For its ‘Late List’ project, TV Tonight has asked readers to submit nominations every time a program rans past its scheduled cut-off. Seven utterly dominates so far, with more than half the total submissions. Seven’s current top-rating show is The X Factor, which runs live and thus is legitimately more difficult to schedule precisely. However, the show also regularly ran over time even with the pre-taped audition episodes, so I’m not particularly filled with sympathy.

Which shows do you regularly find running over? Has network unpredictability made watching catch-up services or downloading shows more appealing to you? Tell us in the comments.

Seven worst on the Late List [TV Tonight]


  • they and Ten also seem to be front runners for snipping a second or two off the end of a segment, just to get the ads started that little bit quicker

  • This should be an easy fix – DVRs should rely on a JSON/XML Data stream about what show is actually on the screen at this very moment, rather than pre-determined start/stop times.
    You mean this isn’t the way it currently works?

    • That would involve the FTA networks actually updating their EPG data to reflect small changes throughout the day.

      Since the introduction of digital TV in this country, this has probably happened exactly zero times.

      • Are you sure about that? I havent tested it fully, but quite often in the evenings my “Now & Next” display shows weird times, like “Home and Away 19:04 to 19:36” or something like that. I do believe the EPG is updated in real time, in order for those recording on PVR/DVRs to get the right start-stop times.

        @anthonym: wait a minute, what’s going on here?! have I created a second account and not know about it, Fight Club style? WHO ARE YOU?!? (@anthem81 is my not so clever shortening of Anthony M)

  • I find adding five minutes of padding to the start and twenty minutes to the end solves most problems but even then I will miss the end of one program or another every other week. Yet they all have the gall to call Freeview “free TV”, as if they made up a whole new way of watching the repetitive, ill timed, crap that they put on the air. I’m currently watching the 3rd season of “Boardwalk Empire” they only just got around to airing season one and from memory that’s on SBS.

  • And they wonder why people go to illegal download sites. Bombarding ads, bad schedule keeping. not to mention the fact that we get terrorised with reality tv shows way too much. I swear like monday or tuesday night between 7 and 8 you cannot avoid reality tv unless you hit up SBS or ABC.

  • Really do hate the way Ch 7 call the X-factor live, its definatley not live in WA. and its a shame WA has become so used to this we dont batter an eye-lid when the constatly remind us its “live”

  • Ch7 isn’t the only one. ALL of the FTA stations have this problem. I use MythTV and often schedule recordings because I can’t get to them when they are on or its on at the same time as another show etc etc… Even though I pad out every recording with 5 mins before and 15 mins after I get chopped off at the end of a program quite often. I think its rather poor to be honest.

  • I cant believe people call X factor credible tv viewing! I generally don’t watch tv anymore I d/l my shows and watch them unedited from start to finish whenever I want. I dont have to listen to stupid ads for the next ep of some crap I dont want to watch nor do I have to sit through ads that blow my ear drums to bits! Channel 7 is by far the worst for running over with their shows but I have often seen a show where they will chop the end off and you miss the punch line to a joke. Networks are fast becoming redundant and I really don’t think tv netowrks are necessary anymore. Im willing to shell out my cash to production companies to make decent shows such as game of thrones and breaking bad.

  • live doesnt necessarily mean its happening right now, live also means its filmed in front of a live audience, technically theyre not lying, blame our language.

  • Just networks gaming each other in prime time. Not such an issue during the day unless a really “live” event is on. A decent EPG should be mandatory for a license (it is 2012 after all) and we are loosing analog. And dont get me started on the use of high def channels to rerun Hogans Heros

  • Well. I bought a PVR – I thought “brownie points ” would emass with my wife. But nearly everything we program with the EPG misses the start or we miss the end. So I need to shedule all recordings manually. I am looking for a new PVR… Apprently There are PVR’s that “Magiclly” work – using a new smart system…

    • Get a TiVo. I’ve had one for years and love it. I couldn’t tell you what time my favourite show start, or even what day they are on. I just get a Season Pass and it handles the rest. My TiVo automatically pads the ending time and even records shows it thinks I “might” like.

      Pity it never really took off in Aus and TiVo Australia won’t be importing the newer models.

  • I agree that Channel 7 is the worst, saying a show starts at 8:30pm and starting it at 8:50 is pretty low.

    Though, I believe channel 9 is the worst when it comes to jamming ads in. Look at Top Gear, it’s a 50 minute show in the UK, Nine make it 1hr 30min long.

  • Channel 7 is also the worst for Ads. In morning I watch ABC 24 and when they get boring I switch to one of the freeview “news?” shows. Almost impossible to get one when it not having Ads. SO TV goes off

  • The “sneak preview” rort they have running at the moment is even worse. They advertise it as part of the program as if someone would watch a show they don’t like to see an ad for a show they do like. Then they use the sneak preview to as the meat in a terrible ad sandwich so they can have even longer ad breaks.

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