Do You Use Your Phone Or Tablet While Watching TV?

When you sit down on the couch to watch a TV show or movie, does your laptop, phone or tablet come with you? The web can be a useful source of information about whatever you're watching, or it can keep you connected to friends who are watching the same thing. How do you use your gadgets — if at all — while you watch TV?

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Maybe you use it to look up some background info on the movie you're watching, or what happened in the last episode of the show you're looking at. Perhaps you use one of a new breed of apps designed to listen to what you're watching and show you interesting things while you watch (and share what you watch with friends). These so-called "second screen" apps, like GetGlue, Shazam, and even Xbox SmartGlass all listen to or let you check in to the shows and movies you watch, show you information about the program, and lets you keep up with friends on Facebook and Twitter while you (and they) watch.

A lot of those apps are catered for US audiences, but do you use anything like them? Are they useful or part of your TV-watching experience, or do you just use your phone for a quick Google search here and there? Or do you put your phone down and close your laptop when the movie starts? Let us know in the comments below.


    Watching a movie or TV show I constantly have the IMDB app open...I love reading about the behind the scene trivia

    I will often look up actors to see where I remember them from.

      Plus one.

      When watching special events like the Tour de France I tweet constantly, which enhances the experience. Otherwise, it's just looking up show-related trivia and perhaps the state of future series/episodes.

    I use my devices mainly to check up about actors what other movies/shows they were in and read general info on whatever I may be watching.

    Always got my laptop for between ads. If it's an episode/movie I've seen before I'll probably do something else on the laptop and just leave the tv on as background noise (I hate working in silent conditions, I start to trail off).

    I actually very rarely use my smartphone to look up media-related trivia. Whenever I'm watching tv I generally have it out so I can be playing a game as well. I know it's terrible and reduces my focus on both things, but I get antsy if I'm not doing something with my hands. I have a gameboy advance emulator on my galaxy sII and I generally play pokemon or some other mindless game while I watch.

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