Office 365 Mail Now In An iOS App

Microsoft has launched an iOS app for the Outlook component of its Office 365 suite, adding native email and calendar access for iPhone and iPad users. In other news for Australian Office 365 users: the companion Office iOS app for editing documents, which came out last month in US-only form, is now available in the Australian iTunes store as well.

The OWA app shares the same initials as the web-based Outlook Web Access tool, but is a full-fledged app. Using OWA rather than the native iOS mail client allows access to features such as information rights management and out-of-office messages.

The app is free, but only works with paid-for Office 365 subscription accounts. It’s good to see it released in Australia at the same time as the US, rather than imposing the delay we saw with the Office app. Hit the Office blog post below for a detailed OWA walkthrough.

OWA for iPhone and OWA for iPad [Office 365 Blog]


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