Outlook Comes To Android And iOS, Office For Android Leaves Preview

Outlook Comes to Android and iOS, Office for Android Leaves Preview

Android/iOS: Microsoft dropped some excellent news overnight: Outlook has finally arrived on Android and iOS. As a bonus, Microsoft Office for Android tablets is out of preview and releasing on time.

The new Outlook app — which is available in full release for iOS, and a preview release for Android — includes email, calendar and file management functionality, just as you're accustomed to with other versions of Outlook. Microsoft has announced that the Android tablet versions of the Office suite are no longer in "preview" form. You can use them for basic editing, but if you want to access "premium features", you'll need an Office 365 subscription.

Outlook [Google Play Store via Microsoft]

Outlook [iTunes App Store]


    I can't get it working with my Airwatch-controlled Exchange account. Any ideas anyone?

      What OS? Airwatch sets the mail profile for the iPhone native mail app. I'd assume the outlook app requires it's configuration which I highly doubt you could apply through Airwatch - As that's how iOS rolls.

    Google Play link goes to Word for Tablet.


    Bunch of questions...

    - If I already have a corporate account on my device via the default mail app that syncs mail, calendar and contacts... why do i need outlook?
    - If I install outlook should i disable the built in email?
    - Outlook doesnt appear in the "accounts" area, what gives!?
    - What about contacts??

    just seems strange to me that microsoft have "invented" something that does about 75% of what my device can do by default. But ill admit, it is prettier.


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