How Fitness Might Score You An IT Pro Role

How Fitness Might Score You An IT Pro Role

We’ve mentioned how being in shape can be useful as an IT pro if you have to move servers between floors in a building, but we must admit that we never thought that would be something worth mentioning on a resume. We may have been wrong.

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In a roundup of ridiculous things people say in their resumes, Business Insider included this gem:

The candidate wrote ‘I can do 75 push ups in a row’ … because a well formed upper body is integral to IT. He got the job.

Yes, that’s a slightly ridiculous thing to put in a resume, but it clearly didn’t turn out to be a dealbreaker. And with the stereotype of IT experts as deskbound lard machines (however untrue that is in reality), highlighting your physical prowess might make sense. Thoughts?

Hiring Managers Reveal The Most Outrageous Things People Have Put On Their Resume [Business Insider]


  • I think this applies to any job, especially higher roles as being fit gives the perception of being successful and will usually give you the upper hand.

  • There’s also the corollary – “I’m so fit and fabulous that I’ll be biking to work, doing long gym sessions every lunchtime and leaving early to run the 40km home, carrying my bike … so I may be able to bench double my weight and hop a marathon but you’ll get maybe 6 hours a day of work out of me”.

    While the perception of ‘looking after yourself’ would be a positive to an employer, I can see the scenario where employing an amateur athlete isn’t ideal.

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