Why Google Says Paying Someone To Do Your Resume Is A Bad Idea

If you're struggling to come up with the perfect resume, you might be considering paying a professional to tweak it. Google's HR head Laszlo Bock says that's a bad idea.

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In a LinkedIn post discussing common resume mistakes, Bock highlights why a paid-for resume is a waste of money:

Find someone like you who already has the job you want. If you're a veteran, find someone from your service who works in the job and company you want. If you're a student, find an alumna/-us who has your dream job (your career center will have resume books you can mine). Emulate their resume. (Notice I didn't say "copy" ... big difference!) Look at how they described their experiences and accomplishments. They wrote things in a way that got noticed. They got it right. Do what they did. Don't waste your money on something you can get for free.

For more of Bock's thoughts on resumes, check out his advice on

The Biggest Mistakes I See on Resumes, Part 2: Your top 8 questions [LinkedIn via Business Insider]


    On the flip side, as a recent graduate I wasn't getting any interview callbacks until I paid for a professional resume writing service. Now I have worked in the industry for a while I would not consider paying someone to write my resume for me, but as a graduate all I needed was something to set me apart from the other graduates.

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