Clink Adds Undo, Pasting Text And More To The Command Prompt

Windows: The command line is an extremely powerful tool, but it's not perfect. Clink makes it a little bit better by adding extra features and formatting.

Clink adds several new features including the ability to paste commands from your clipboard into the command prompt box. This alone makes it worth a look. It also adds searchable command line history that persists across sessions and better autocomplete. Best of all, Clink runs automatically whenever the regular command prompt is called. If you didn't know better, it would be almost invisible.


    Unless i misunderstand the paste feature, you've always been able to just via the right click or system menu.

    I'll have to check it out for the other features though, i guess at 31, i'm just too old school for powershell, ill have to Google it though since there is no link.

    Edit: The link is

    Last edited 26/07/13 9:15 am

      Pasting with the mouse has always worked, but not the keyboard. With Clink you can now use Ctrl+V.

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