The Easiest Way To Launch An Administrator Command Line In Windows 8.1

The Windows command line is very handy, but it's not particularly evident how to launch it with administrator privileges in Windows 8.1. Here's the simplest way to do that.

I needed a command prompt with administrator privileges recently, and realised there's no super-obvious way to do that. However, a quick Google search unearthed (via the How-To Geek) a simple and keyboard-friendly method:

  1. Type Windows-X to bring up the Windows 8.1 command menu.
  2. Choose "Command Prompt (Admin").
  3. That's it!


    You can also right-click on the windows menu instead of typing windows+x

    Handy tip. The Windows X is a handy tool in 7, had tried it in 8 and it seemed to be missing. Will have to try on 8.1

      It's in 8 and 8.1, I've used it extensively in both versions. Not sure why it wasn't working for you. Did you have any menu replacement software installed?

        Nope, just plain Win8 Enterprise. It could actually have been 8.1, not sure. I just assumed it was 8 since this article was talking about it working in 8.1

        I'll give it a go this arvo. Have 9 machines imaging with 8.1 behind me right now.

          Interesting. If it still doesn't work, there might be a corporate policy interfering with it. The items that appear in the menu are located at Users\[user]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WinX, I'm not sure what your domain policy is but it's possible if the user profile folder is hosted off-machine it might be a factor. Just hazarding a guess, I have no idea.

          Last edited 12/02/15 11:52 am

            Not in any policy, I made most of them myself. Just tried on one of the new 8.1 machines, works fine. I'll have to remember it - much more useful than just the mobility center it used to be.

    Also works in Windows 10 Technical Preview, keyboard shortcuts are time savers.

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