Cmder, A Beautiful, Functional And Portable Windows Console

Cmder, A Beautiful, Functional And Portable Windows Console

Despite increasingly fancy GUIs, the humble Windows command line remains available when other options fail. If you’re still a frequent user of the old console, Cmder is a more powerful and better-looking alternative that’s well worth a try.

Rather than an entirely standalone project, Cmder is built on top of other console emulators, including Conemu and Clink. It’s open source, so you can hit up the Github repo for the code or, if you just want to get started, you can download one of two versions: “mini” and “full”.

For those after all the usual DOS / Windows commands, the 7MB mini build will do. On the other hand, if you want Unix-level abilities, the full download is 250MB (115MB compressed).

Whichever you decide to go with, both a completely self-contained, though there are instructions if you want to integrate it with Windows.

Cmder might be over the top for standard console usage, but even the occasional power-user will enjoy the extra features and flexibility a well-made emulator such as this can provide. Heck, even colour highlighting is one of those things you don’t realise you need until you see it.

Cmder [Samuel Vasko, via gHacks]