Quickly Open A Command Prompt From The Windows Explorer Address Bar

Windows: Want to quickly run a command from within Windows Explorer? It turns out Windows has a built-in way to do this. Simply type in "cmd" in the address bar, and it will open the command prompt with the path to your current folder already set.

So you can hit Alt+D to highlight what's in the address bar, type in "cmd" and you're all set. This is a much simpler method than using an AutoHotkey script to accomplish the same thing.

How-To Geek notes that you can also run other commands from the address bar, such as opening a specific file in Notepad.

Stupid Geek Tricks: Run Commands in the Windows Explorer Address Bar [How-To Geek]


    shift+right click in the window also works

    Now all I need is a way to open files with Notepad - but with Admin privileges enabled. When I edit the hosts file, for instance.
    Having to open Notepad first [as Administrator] THEN navigate to the file I want to edit? It's counter-intuitive for me.

    Stick a batch file on a USB key and run it from there. When I have to fix multiple computers and need admin rights that's how I do it. Remember to delete the batch file when complete as it will keep the password in plain text.

    Or you could always just browse the share remotely and change the hosts from your admin computer.

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