Start A Small Side Project If You're Feeling Overwhelmed With Big Ones

When you're working on something big, like moving into a new place, you can get stressed pretty quickly. If you find yourself overwhelmed, an article on DIY blog Apartment Therapy suggests starting a new, smaller project to switch up your mindsets.

Picture: Walt Stoneburner/Flickr

The post gives the example of putting together a mix CD, but you could apply the idea to anything. Stressed over exams? Take a break and organise your movie library. Boss riding you to get that report in? Chill out by learning to cook a new recipe. Choose something that's productive and that you also enjoy. This way, you don't slip into an unproductive slump while resting the part of your brain that's stressed.

A Crazy-Sounding Trick for Surviving a Move [Apartment Therapy]


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