How To Stop Pizza From Drying Out In The Microwave

There are few leftovers that are more satisfying than pizza. We'd go so far as to say it tastes even better the day after. However, it's all too easy to accidentally dry out the slices in the microwave. This simple DIY hack will keep it moist and fresh tasting no matter how long you nuke it for.

The solution is simple: just add a glass of water into the microwave during the heating process. That's it. The injection of steam in the microwave will stop the moisture in the base from evaporating, which translates to soft 'n' pliable pizza. Now that's amore!


    Wrapping it in baking paper is also a great way to keep it crispier!

    After the microwave, i whack the slices on a hot frying pan for a few minutes to get the base all nice and crispy again.

    Microwaved pizza sucks. I'd stick it in the oven or a toaster/sandwich press by choice.

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