Hang Headphones Off The Side Of Your Desk With This Metal Stand

A good pair of headphones can help you focus while you're working, but they take up valuable desk space, and can fall and get run over by your chair. This DIY headphone stand makes sure they're out of the way, but still safe and easy to reach.

Ramadanrenan shared this walkthrough on Instructables. The stand is actually made from bent sheet metal, so this might require a trip to the hardware store, but it looks really good when it's finished. Basically, you have to bend the metal into a staircase shape to hang from the side of the desk, then use a hacksaw to cut a strip out of the middle to act as a wedge to keep it in place. The finished product is simple, elegant, and will work on most desks. For detailed instructions, be sure to go check out the Instructable.

Upcycled clip-on headphone stand/rest made from a printer frame [Instructables]


    I just use an accessory that goes by the name of purse hanger/hook or handbag butler. I've been given a couple of these over the years, but not being someone who carries (short-handled) handbags, I never had a use for them until it occurred to me that they'd be perfect for headphones: so one went to the office, one's used at home.

    They vary in design, so if you have headphones with a very wide band, you need to shop for one with a rigid hook rather than an articulated hook that curls up for storage. But either way, they're compact, they store away easily when you don't need them, and they come in a huge range of designs, some of which wouldn't be too embarrassing on a bloke's desk. ☺

    Looks like: http://www.bellebags.com/_gfx_/products/purse-hangers-crystal.jpg

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    I think modifying a clothes hook for a door would be easier

    I use a hook that I bought from Bunnings, that's designed for hanging your cables/tools off.

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    Or you could go buy a capo from any music shop - I use it for hanging my 'phones, cheap and easy.


      There's a lot of different capo designs. Not all of them will work.

    Or you could just use this solution by lifehacker themselves.


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