This DIY Headphone Holder Is Easy To Make, Built From Reclaimed Wood

It’s definitely more complicated than a couple of hooks in the wall or under your desk, but this DIY headphone holder has a lot of personality. It’s made from a block of reclaimed wood, and, according to Instructables user mikeasaurus, it was pretty easy to make.

The video above actually walks you through the build process — it’s not too difficult, but you do have to have the right tools for the job. Mikeasaurus has a workshop, so the process is faster for him, but we imagine most of what you see here you could do with a home workshop and some woodworking tools.

He started with a block of walnut and sketched out the shape for his headphones. He cut it down so it would fit perfectly (although not so perfectly you couldn’t use other headphones) and then cut the grooves in the sides for the earcups, sanded the whole thing down, varnished it, and he even used an etcher to burn in a headphone design on the front and back of his holder. Screw the whole thing into the base, and you have a solid, sturdy headphone holder. Hit the link below for the full walkthrough and more photos of the work in progress.

Reclaimed Wood Headphone Holder [Instructables]


  • “life·hack” – a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

    This costs more time and effort for 99% of people (not counting all the tools necessary) than buying ready made wooden headphone stands for $20-30, assuming the end product will be similar in quality. Doing curved edges on wood is also very difficult and time consuming.

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