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Headphones have become an essential part of our everyday kit. With almost everyone carrying a massive library of music, audiobooks and podcasts in their pockets, a decent set of headphones is a must for blocking out the background hum of the world and immersing yourself in a different world. Catch has a massive headphone sale on at the moment with a style and price for everyone. You can save up to 75%!


By design, changing the volume on Apple’s AirPods requires either using the volume buttons on your phone, or using Siri to increase or decrease the volume. While your iPhone adjusts the volume in six per cent increments, Siri adjusts the volume in 12–13 per cent increments. Obviously that reduces the number of times you need to request a volume change, but it also removes fine-grained control. How do you get it back?


On yesterday’s rumour that we won’t be seeing second-gen AirPods until the fourth quarter of 2019, I hurried to the Apple store and bought myself a pair. Unfortunately, I quickly discovered that I am one of those people who is not going to be raving about how the AirPods seem magically cemented to my ears. I will not be able to cycle in a winter wind or do a flip on a snowboard without them falling out.


As easy as it was to poke fun at Apple's pricey, wireless headphones when they were released, now that I own a pair myself, I love them. To get the most out of my AirPods, I went searching for some useful tips. I'm now sharing what I found so that everyone can benefit from my discoveries.


Bluetooth headphones are all the rage. With Apple and others dropping the trusty old 3.5mm headphone jack, you can either carry an extra, easy-to-lose adapter around, or you can spend a few bucks on a decent set of wireless headphones. The Audiofly AF100W bluetooth headphones are an in-ear set that sit comfortably and have a flexible over-the-ear design that keeps them in place while you're exercising to some tunes. But how did they sound?


The only thing that makes long-distance driving tolerable is music and/or podcasts. Unfortunately, using the car stereo isn't always an option. Perhaps the speakers are busted, or the person in the passenger seat hates your taste in music. In these situations, the obvious solution is to don a pair headphones. But is this actually legal?


Headphones are luxury items and they usually have a decent chunk of margin built into the price, so it pays to look around when looking for a new pair. One of the best over-ear headphones you can buy is the Bose QuietComfort 35s - which usually retail for $499. Today, you can grab em for just $368.


This week, I attempted to get my head around wireless headsets by testing two of the best business models on the market: the H800MB from Logitech and the 660 UC MS from Sennheiser. Ostensibly designed for office use, both headsets are suitable candidates as your primary headset: but which one is best?


If, like me, you research every gadget purchase to the Nth degree, it can be super depressing when said product arrives and it's perfect... except for one, tiny thing. Usually that thing escaped detection because it only rears it head once you actually use your new shiny. In my case, it was a set of SoundMagic E10 earphones to replace my busted EarPods. The problem? They vibrate.


Get ready to fill your eye holes with the best Christmas gifts for people who want to fill their ear holes these holidays. We've got some of the best gifts for music lovers, audiophiles and those who love to dance.


Whether you're buying for an audiophile or perhaps looking for a cheeky present for yourself, you can't go past a good set of headphones. Here are 5 of our favourites that hit a range of different price points.


The Pixel 2, like its competition, has ditched the headphone jack, opting to include a single USB-C port on its bottom. While it makes waterproofing the device much easier, it restricts the kinds of accessories you can connect to your smartphone. Specifically, every pair of headphones you have ever owned, along with anything else depending on a 3.5mm auxiliary cable.


Dear Lifehacker, After going through my third pair of earphones for my mobile in recent times, I was wondering if there is a "preferred" way to keep the phone in your pocket? Do you have the lead facing upwards from the outside of the pocket, or down towards the groin? I'm sick of my earphones not lasting a year before the connection becomes sketchy.