These DIY Speaker Stands Add Useful Storage To Small Spaces

If you have surround speakers but nowhere to put them, these DIY speaker stands get them off the ground, don't look out of place in a home, and add some useful storage inside for CDs or DVDs at the same time.

They're not adjustable like these speaker stands we highlighted recently, but they do look less out of place and take up much less floor space. YouTuber betterthangym made the set from IKEA components, and even made the handy tutorial video above to show people how to do it. He says:

After having the experience of building some nice sturdy speaker stands from MDF (medium density fibreboard), I neither had the time or expertise to paint them nicely... So, back to the drawing board! I like IKEA because some of their parts are very inexpensive, but the difficulty was find parts that would be the right dimensions that would make good speaker stands. So after some online research and visualisations in my mind, I set out to make speaker stands that already had a nice finish (that needed NO painting). I ended up with these.

DIY Make Your Own Bookshelf Speaker Stands from IKEA Parts for $US50 (or less) [YouTube via IKEA Hackers]


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