Hack An IKEA Lamp Into An Adjustable Computer Speaker Mount

If you're particular about where your computer speakers are placed for optimum sound and/or want to avoid cord clutter, you can make flexible speaker mounts using two $20 IKEA TERTIAL work lamps. All you have to do is remove the light socket and wiring and attach the speakers to the lamp mount with screws.If your computer speakers do not have a mounting surface already you'll have to drill a small hole in them and then attach a drywall anchor. You can then attach a screw through the lamp mount into the drywall anchor.

Very Flexible Computer Speaker Mounts [IKEA Hackers]


    You must be kidding. A hack? Try mounting speakers to some arms. Crappest ever

    You wouldn't want to do with with anything more elaborate than computer speakers (and cheap ones if that).

    sounds interesting.....although i've got to say that the lamp that is being used in the picture isn't very sturdy....i've got one and sometimes it just starts moving downwards because the joints don't get screwed in tight enough no matter how much strength you use

    This looks like a great idea. I've got a 5.1 setup at home for my computer and this might just work for me ^_^

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