There’s Now An App For Airport Grocery Shopping

There’s Now An App For Airport Grocery Shopping

Woolworths has just launched an airport grocery collection service at Melbourne Airport. The free service allows jet-lagged customers to stock up their fridge and cupboard without breaking their trip on the way home. If you’re a frequent flier this could be indispensable — why didn’t anyone think of it sooner?

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One of the worst things about travelling abroad is the need to stock up on essential foodstuffs when you just want to curl into bed. Victorian shoppers now have the option of bypassing the supermarket completely and picking up their groceries directly from the airport.

Customers can order and collect their groceries from Melbourne Airport’s terminal forecourt using the Woolworths shopping website or iOS/Android app. The procedure follows the same click&collect template as Woolworths’ other grocery collection services.

“This innovation in supermarket shopping allows customers to collect their pre-ordered groceries for free after they step off the plane so they can spend less time in the supermarket and more time doing the things they want or need to do,” said Woolworths online business development boss Kate Langford.

“Our Melbourne customers can simply order their groceries online or via the Woolworths App and choose to collect them at Melbourne Airport with the peace of mind that they never need to come home to an empty pantry or fridge.”

Customers can order their groceries up to seven days in advance and request to pick them up via click&collect at Melbourne Airport.

We contacted Woolworths to see whether the service will be rolled out to additional airports in Australia. A spokesperson for the company provided the following response:

We’re using Melbourne Airport as a trial. This will give Woolworths the opportunity to collect feedback about the service from customers and to make any necessary adjustments before looking to roll it out to other airports across the country.

In other words, we should see similar services begin to pop up at other Australian airports in the not-to-distant future (although we wouldn’t hold out hope for tiny airstrips like Flinders Island Airport. You never know though.)


  • Awesome! Useful apps like this will certainly put a dampener on QR code or NFC “marketing” services that seem to think people are going to scan or tap on everything they want to buy!

  • I like the idea (I despise having to get groceries on my way home from the airport, and usually just end up spending a fortune in 7-11 out of laziness) – but where exactly is the pickup point? Some searching shows that “collection service point will be located at the airport’s terminal forecourt.”
    So I need to take my groceries on the long term parking bus with me? That’ll be fun.. There should be 2 pickup points – terminal (for people being picked up or catching taxis) and near the exit of long term parking.

    • Hi Kia, Get your car from the car park first, then drive it to the collection point on the forecourt. There is a buzzer there and the staff will come to you.

  • This is actually an awesome idea, if you remember to do it before you get back and not while at the terminal. Still, awesome.

  • going down to melbourne next month for a holiday, will definitely do this instead of having to find and trek it to a supermarket.

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