Windows Blue Likely To Be Called Windows 8.1

Microsoft has confirmed Windows Blue as a codename but otherwise isn't saying much about it. New screenshots doing the rounds suggest that it will carry a Windows 8.1 version number, and that may well end up being the official branding as well.


Screenshots on shows the Windows 8.1 version number. Veteran Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley also reports that Windows 8.1 will be the official name, though this will be subservient to the main Windows 8 brand. That makes sense: having only launched Windows 8 last year, Microsoft wouldn't want to ditch the brand so quickly.


    So basically it will be Windows 8 SP1

      A lot more than a service pack Hugh2323, more like what SP2 was to XP, as compared to SP1 for Windows 7.

    Maybe they will fix the 'Start Menu not visible' bug. :-)

      It's kinda hard to miss, filling the whole screen and all.

    and the 'it used to be one mouse-click, now it is 5' UI bug.

    Should be called "Windows Teal".

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