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Earlier in the week, Microsoft snuck an update in on one of the support notes. If you’re running on of Intel’s 7th-generation processors, an AMD “Bristol Ridge” or Qualcomm “8996" processor, Windows Update will display a message telling you have reached the end Windows Update road.


Everyone has their own bag of diagnostic tricks when Windows decides to chuck a wobbly. While OS corruption isn't as big a problem as it used to be thanks to journalled file systems and tools such as System Restore, you can still be caught with your pants down by malware, viruses and other nasties. In those cases, a utility called SFCFix might get you out of trouble where other options fail.


When Windows 8 came out, touch screen laptops became incredibly common, much to most tech nerds' annoyance. After all, they seem like a needless accessory: why touch the screen when you have a trackpad? But I took the tactile plunge and have slowly grown to love my touch screen.


Automatic updates sound like a great idea in theory, but having a newer driver install itself behind your back, cause a problem and force you to troubleshoot for a few hours is no fun at all. Fortunately in Windows, it's possible to tell the operating system to apply platform patches only and leave the driver updates to you.


Windows 9 is still far enough away that it's worth persisting with Windows 8.1, rather than digging out your Windows 7 DVD (or downloading to disc image) and going backwards in time. If you're still not satisfied with the operating system's reworked user interface, you might be able to solve a few of your problems with a new tool called ModernUI Tuner.