WIndows Blue: Will Be Called Windows 8.1, Won't Cost Anything Extra

News about the forthcoming Windows Blue update continues to trickle out ahead of its expected public debut on 26 June. Microsoft today confirmed that the update will, as predicted, be known as Windows 8.1. It also bought some more welcome news: there won't be any charge for the update.

Those details were revealed in a Microsoft blog post, which also noted that the Windows Store is offering more than 70,000 apps. The Windows Store will also be the source for the free 8.1 update.

Given that there has been speculation that Microsoft wants to shift to an annual update cycle, it's notable that this update doesn't have any costs attached. That makes 8.1 resemble a service pack rather than a paid-for point upgrade.

Windows keeps getting better [Blogging Windows]


    *won't cost any extra

    I hope they have something in place for enterprise instead of having users install from the store. Sideloading also looks like a massive pain from the MS demos I have been to.


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