Sydney Appathon Building Apps For Charities In A 48-Hour Coding Marathon

Sydney Appathon Building Apps For Charities In A 48-Hour Coding Marathon

Mobile user experience specialist Alive is hosting an ‘appathon’ in Sydney from April 26-28, where 50 volunteer developers will help build functioning apps for major local charities. Hit the link if you’re interested in learning more and signing up. [Appathon]


  • Seems.. Like a strange charity event..

    Though without going into it too much, I find charities pretty bizarre from the ground up. “Hey, donate us all this money which we wont pay any tax on, then we will use whatever we see fit however we see fit, taking 30-65% for ourselves.. But someone somewhere might get something out of it.. You know.. if we feel like it..”

    And then this competition is all “You know how we operate tax free? Yeah, well this is awkward, but we’d like you to just do work that could potentially be worth tens of thousands of dollars to other companies/other charities, for free. We cool?”

    No. We aren’t cool. You don’t need a fucking app for anything except paying more of those annoying people to go stand on the street and collect donations most likely, or for other equally mundane data gathering activities.. Go do something useful and dig a well or something. Vultures.

    • Wow man that was a lot to take in. I think some charities are how you say, certainly, but there are also charities that run with the lowest possible overhead to try and do as much good for the world as possible. Without properly researching this particular charity and seeing how much of their money is spent on actually helping people we can’t say that it is or isn’t a good cause. Doing something worthwhile for charity is, as the phrase suggests, worthwhile.

      Doctors, lawyers, and other highly paid people do volunteer work for charity that’s worth a lot, sometimes even more than we can put a price on (Doctors Without Borders frequently save lives). I don’t think it’s unreasonable that app developers would put in some work for charity.

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